Don't Wake the Neighbors EP

by The Vivid

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Melbourne, Florida three-piece, The Vivid's debut EP, "Don't Wake the Neighbors" is a culmination of firsts for the band, including the recent addition of Adkins on drums as well as a self-taught crash course on the finer points of mixing audio recorded with bargain bin microphones in the acoustic equivalent of a tin can. The majority of the six month D.I.Y. production entailed cramped closet recording sessions and sleepless exiles to storage unit No. 457, where ideas were shared and shaped into their eventual state.

The Vivid draw influence from key moments throughout rock history, taking cues from the bold onslaught of proto punk and noise rock, to the raw and characteristically daring innovation of 90's post hardcore, grunge, and shoegaze, to the modern focus and intensity of 2000's garage rock revival and its ensuing catalog of genre-blurring bands.

On one level, "Don't Wake the Neighbors" is an unabashed homage to the primal desire to rock the fuck out. On another, it is a patchwork tapestry of moments meticulous and thoughtful, effortless and intense.


released November 22, 2013

Cory Young - vocals/guitar
Brandon Kasper - bass/vocals
Jonathan Adkins - drums

Cover art designed by Cory Young
Insert layout by Brandon Kasper

Thanks: John Positano for lending us a mixer, without which, this endeavor may not have come to fruition, or at least not as neatly as it has.



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The Vivid Melbourne, Florida

Cory Young/ Brandon Kasper - everything

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Track Name: Aquaphobe
Well I’m back, back from the future
Yeah I’m back, back from the scene
Shark attack, I needed sutures
I’m aquaphobic if you know what I mean

Is that right?
Yeah that’s right

Well I’m back, back from the city
Yeah I’m back, back to the burbs
Heart attack, I need a doctor
I’m flat lining and forgetting the words

Is that right?

Why only one when there’s a million other ways to do it?
And just for fun I like to keep all of these things congruent
Yeah I should know, watched it unfold, I’ve seen it all before
Sh-sh-should I keep going if I’m only moving backwards
Alright, alright, okay

Is that right?
Track Name: Economy
What do you have to say for yourself?
Get back in line with everyone else
You put that liquor back on the shelf
‘Cause my music is the booze but you can’t abuse it

Well, some might say you’re going to hell
Just don’t buy what they’re trying to sell
You’re the reason the economy failed
And now,

It’s on you, it’s on you, it’s on you, it’s on you, it’s on you
It’s not true, it’s not true, it’s not true, it’s not true, it’s not true
It’s not true, it’s not true, it’s not true, it’s not true
It’s on you
Track Name: Zero
I’m frozen in gridlock
I see a man with a topknot
Assailants in the parking lot
And they don’t like polka dots

Zero in on the target
Bloodstain on the carpet
Make a move when it’s darkest
Not a bit lethargic

I’m runnin’ out of roommates
Now it’s too late

Number one is the finest
I’m sorry, your highness
I took an oath of silence
…Starting right after this

You can call me shameless
You can call me selfish
You can call me stupid
You can call me useless

I’m runnin’ out of roommates
Now it’s too late
Track Name: The One From The Park
Are you this honest even when I’m not around?
Or do you just smile like it’s a masquerade ball?

What were you aiming for on your way to the ground?
Do you just try way too hard to catch the clouds?

I swear that I saw you somewhere hidden in the trees
A slice of suburbia, you are the one, the one from the park

How do I know what’s real anymore?
Track Name: Riser
It spins in your eye a hundred more times
Incredibly bleak, incredibly bright
And it sits in my head in the palm of my brain
I tried to stabilize, but I can’t stay in the lines

Like learning to lie
Waiting for the sunrise
Dead man’s lullaby
Dead man’s alibi
Like learning how to ride a bike
Waiting for the sunrise
You just don’t ask why
Better luck next time

In space there’s satellites disguised as windmills
We should hitch a ride and free fall till we die

Like learning to fly
Waiting for the sunrise
A pheasant’s wing feather-light
The breeze keeps me alive

Try to fill a black hole (Doesn’t really matter)
Twitch when you get close (Follow the pattern)
Well since you say so (Dead in the basement)
Better bring a raincoat (There’s blood on the pavement)

Like learning to die
Waiting for the sunrise
A knife cloaked in the night
A dead man’s suicide (Botched fake suicide)
A man dies for his pride (Dead man’s lullaby)
A dead man’s lullaby